Join the Insanity - Final Cover

If you’re linking up here from the connections in the book for pastors’ wives, Join the Insanity, you already know exactly what a “p-dub” is: P-dub = PW = Pastor’s Wife

Welcome to relatable and helpful mini-messages, p-dub to p-dub. Even if you’ve never read the book, you might enjoy some video notes from these ministers’ wives. Great insights in here!

And may you be encouraged in every way in your ministry, my friends!



Eden” by Andy Rhea (Chapter 6)

Sandee Hedger

Sharon Hoffman

Charlyn Thomasson

Kelly Lightfoot

Robin McCall

Lori Moody

Cynthia Hopkins

Betsy Bartig

Robin Bryce

Joyce Dinkins

Janet McGlaughlin

Teri Lynne Undersood

Stephanie Shott

Deb Mashburn

Jamie Hitt

Paula Mowery

Kathy Tharp

Mary Englund Murphy

Bobbye Cutshall

Katie Orr

Diane Nix 

Nicole Hufty

Diane Campbell

Deanna Self

Dawn Wilson