Putting the brakes on car-wrestling and resting in Him

Chasing cars. Our dog used to do it all the time. No matter how many zillion doggie cookies I would try to bribe her with. Last time she did it I also offered her a trip to Six Flags and a pony. Still she went after the car. Why? Did she forget she’s a dog? And that the car is a two-ton piece of metal? What was she going to do if she caught it? Did she think she was going to wrestle it to the ground and show it who’s boss?

I would make fun of her a little more, but I can be a little like that myself. Sometimes I forget who I am. Without realizing it, I start thinking that right living is something I need to chase down on my own. Seriously, I think I’d be more successful at picking a fight with a Chevy.

Righteousness is from Christ alone. As we lean into the control of His indwelling Holy Spirit, we see it show up in our lives. Not because we’ve wrestled it into being, but because He is at work in us. It’s not about being good. It’s about resting in His goodness.

Me? I want to rest there more. To stay there. All the time, every day. Yeah, that’s what I want. Sit. Stay.