“Rhonda Rhea makes me laugh. I mean sidesplitting, howling laughter. Then, she makes me think. And she makes me reevaluate. She stirs together a mixture of wit and wisdom that results in life change and real growth.”

Jennifer Kennedy Dean

Best-selling author and speaker
Executive Director of The Praying Life Foundation

Rhonda Rhea does let you laugh. She keeps audiences chuckling from coast to coast. She is down to earth, off the wall, but at the heart of it all, so very in the Word. Along with the hilarity, she says she most relishes pointing people to the only true source of hope, our Jesus.

Rhonda shines that brilliant hope found in Christ by sharing His Word. She is a TV personality and speaks as well at conferences and events of all kinds. She’s a humor columnist for great magazines and newspapers such as LifeWay’s HomeLife magazine, Leading Hearts magazine, The Pathway, The Write Conversation, More to Life and many more.

She has appeared on radio and TV programs at almost every longitude and latitude, including many years in a recurring role on Focus on the Family’s Weekend Magazine radio program.

Rhonda is a happily married pastor’s wife and the mother of five grown children. She says she loves her new role as grammie to her two grandbabies. Rhonda and her husband, Richie Rhea, live in the St. Louis area where Richie serves as senior pastor of Troy First Baptist Church.

“Hilarity and Hope” is at the heart of Rhonda’s speaking and writing. She is the author of 14 books with more coming soon.