“Witty, warm, whimsical, wise…Rhonda shows us with stories and scripture how we can walk in His steps and get closer and closer to Him.”

Thelma Wells

Women of Faith speaker
President of A Woman of God Ministries
Author of God Is Not Through With Me Yet


“Rhonda’s a hoot! She’s relevant, relational, and right on!”

Patsy Clairmont

Author/Women of Faith speaker


“Rhonda Rhea will make you look at life’s challenges with a new set of trendy sunglasses. Her fresh approach to God’s love and grace is liberally tempered with sweet doses of reality-based humor. Rhonda has the ability to make you snort in your coffee cup one minute and ponder the magnitude of God’s awesome mercy the next.”

Ellie Kay

International speaker, media personality and best-selling author


“Rhonda Rhea takes the hilarious and the not-so-funny moments of parenting, marriage, and everyday life and turns them into amusing anecdotes that teach biblical life lessons.”

Carol Kent

President of Speak Up Speaker Services


“I surely appreciate Rhonda Rhea’s down-to-earth, genuine approach…unforgettable and totally captivating.”

Jennifer Rothschild

Women of Faith speaker
Author of Lessons I Learned in the Dark


“One of the funniest women I know.”

Carole Lewis

Author, First Place 4 Health National Director


“Rhonda Rhea has us laughing all along the journey.”

Babbie Mason

Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter, author and TV talk-show host


“Rhonda Rhea offers good tips, good humor, and Godly insight to help turn those oh-so-stressed days into oh-so-blessed days!”

Martha Bolton

Author of Cooking With Hot Flashes


“Rhonda Rhea makes me laugh. I mean sidesplitting, howling laughter. Then, she makes me think. And she makes me reevaluate. She stirs together a mixture of wit and wisdom that results in life change and real growth.”

Jennifer Kennedy Dean

The Praying Life Foundation


“Rhonda Rhea is the intersection of humor and reality. Positive, common-sense, biblical and honest—sure to tickle the funny bone but also sure to encourage the heart and build and strengthen a life.”

Pam Farrel

Author of Men Are Waffles, Women Are Spaghetti


“You’re bound to love Rhonda’s sometimes hilarious, always entertaining spin on her life as a mom of five—and her observations on God’s presence in the thick of it!”

Jane Johnson Struck

Today’s Christian Woman magazine


“Rhonda Rhea is one of those rare communicators with the ability to make you laugh out loud one moment and consider a life-changing thought the next.”

Jeff Large

Senior Online Editor


“If laughter really is the best medicine, then Rhonda Rhea is a world class physician.”

Allison Bottke

God Allows U-Turns


“Rhonda Rhea both entertains and inspires as she weaves scripture and prayer into the hilarity of her true-to-life tales.”

Debra D. Peppers, Ph.D.

Radio and TV Host


“Rhonda Rhea proves God has a sense of humor by making us laugh and helping us cope. Just try not to laugh out loud!”

Kathy Collard Miller

Speaker, Author of Princess to Princess


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