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Rhonda Rhea and Beth Duewel love teaming up for this dynamic event. Jill Savage, well-known author of No More Perfect Moms, No More Perfect Marriages, and many more) says, “Out with the old. In with the new. It’s the way of God’s grace. I promise you’ll laugh while you learn about the beauty of a renovated life.”

National speaker and author Carol Kent (He Holds My Hand: Experiencing God’s Presence & Protection) said: “Looking for a dose of encouragement, laughter, and practical, biblical help for renewing your life?  Don’t miss Fix-Her-Upper by my friends Rhonda Rhea and Beth Duewel!  You’ll fall off your chair laughing while finding tips for a reno-job on your life that will bring fulfillment, positive change, and a different kind of joy—one focusing on looking to Him, not on trying to be more perfect!”

Event planners may invite the Duewel/Rhea team, or either speaker can take the Fix-Her-Upper topic as a solo keynote. Rhonda loves sharing with women who need a refreshing renovation that we have a God who loves to fix the broken.

Messy to Meaningful
Fun meets functional—spiritually-speaking anyway. Hilarious tales from the junk drawer that teach life lessons about the God who brings the most beautiful meaning from our messiest places.

Turtles in the Road
We all hit bumps in the road. Ever hit one that left you wondering if God really does have a plan for your life? Laugh through the learning as we chat about how we can know God’s will. (Mother/daughter writing and speaking duo, Rhonda Rhea and Kaley Rhea, love taking on this topic as a team.)

Espresso Your Faith
Want a stronger faith? Learning to “live alert” can revolutionize our walk with Christ. We can wake up to new ways to honor the Lord as key points from God’s Word act as holy espresso. First Peter 5:8 tells us to “stay alert” and to “keep a firm grip on the faith.” We can become stronger. “Perkier”—one cup at a time!

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